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General User Policy

This agreement contains such conditions that should be applied when using the services of Gulliver Office Ltd. at the web-site . By clicking onto the button on entry "I accept" a contract has been made between the buyer and the Gulliver Office Ltd. in which you accept the user policy and rules os web-site.

1. Conditions of selling packages on the Gulliver Travel Auction site:

Hotels, lodgings, catering units and other touristic attractions can be present on the web-site. They have a permit for operation and work according to the law as well as signed the Guarantee for Redemption If the Gulliver Office Ltd. learns that these conditions are not observed we have the right to restrain packages on the auction site as well as end up the cooperation with such partner company.

2. Bidding & purchase:

Gulliver Office Ltd. has an on-line administration system to keep a record of the readers' biddings and successful purchase. The highest bidder gets a screen message as well as an E-mail about the successful bidding after signining in. The payment method can be chosen here after reading more information about the possibilities such as bank transfer, paying by credit card or through PayPal.

According to the reference of our solicitor a purchase on the on-line auction ends up by placing the highest bid. By winning the auction a bilateral contract is made and subordination is out of case. It means that the costumer is obliged to pay the price of purchase and the principal of the vendor (the hotels or other partners in our case) must guarantee the purchased service-packages.

3. Gulliver Travel as mediator

Gulliver Office Ltd. only presents the site for its partners (hotels, lodgings, catering units and other touristic attractions) to sell their packages for the registrated readers, bidders so helps readers and hotels get in contact with each other.
Partners undertake entire responsibility for the contain of the packages and vouchers sold on the Gulliver tarvel Auction site and and compensate guests in case of discontentment (see Guarantee for Redemption)

Gulliver Travel handles your registration confidentially. We do not use it for other marketing purposes and do not pass it over to any third parties. We only inform you about (successful) biddings and new holiday offers running on the web-site.

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