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You can find answers in connection with your questions about the performance of the Gulliver HERE, or you can send a massage to our customer service.

If you would like to contact to a concrete lodging, please use the "Ask you question" button on the side of the elected offer.

This offer can be reached the fastest with the use of the direct vision finder (right top).


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Questions about registration
If I would like to bid do I have to register?
I have registrated but didn't receive my user ID and password.
I have received my codes, I cannot sign in though
How can I change my user ID and e-mail address?
How can I change my password?
I forgot my password. What should I do?
How can I cancel my registration?
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Questions about bidding
How often can I find new package offers?
What does the "Buy It Now" price mean?
The "Buy It Now" price is counted for the whole package or only for 1 person?
If the package is offered for 2 guests can we share the room with our child?
What is the validity of the vouchers?
What do these logos mean next to the photos of the running offers?
What does the pink piglet mean?
How can I be sure that the voucher is valid and redeemable?
What happens if I lose the voucher? Can you send me a new one?
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Questions about the payment
What happens if I win the auctions?
List the paying methods for the auction please.
I selected the payment method but I would like to modify it.
How long does it take to receive the voucher?
I have bidden for a holiday package but I do not want to take over the voucher. Is it possible?
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Questions about invitations and discounts
How can I collect discounts by sending invitations to my friends and family?
In what languages can I send the invitation?
At which auctions can I use up my discounts?
What is the deadline for using up my discount?
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Questions relating to the Gulliver Travel Gift Voacher
How can I apply for a Gulliver Travel Gift Voacher?
In which banknotes is the Gulliver Travel Gift Voacher available?
How long is the Gulliver Holiday Gift Voacher available?
What kind of paying methods are available if I buy Gulliver Travel Gift Voacher?
Which offers can be paid with Gulliver Travel Gift Voacher?
During purchase can I use more Gulliver Travel Gift Voacher at the same time?
If the Gulliver Travel Gift Voacher is less than the purchase price of the program package then how can I pay the difference?
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